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Wuey, I'm Nicole, 19, from Germany & this is my little blog about all the things I love and want (and never will get, 'cause I live in the wrong country). But I hope you enjoy my page and feel free to ask me any question you want :)…

I’ve fallen for your eyes
But they don’t know me yet. Ed Sheeran, Kiss me. (via blush-rabbits-wonderland)

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It takes such a short time to fall and a long time to stand back up (via poutful)

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Sakura white chocolate (by Osaka Boy)

Hello Kitty Ichigo Calpico (by mambastic)

How do you dressed your denim shorts?

The things I liked became less and less,

and the things I hated grew more and more.

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Wuhu only two days left :D turkey I’m coming. ocean, sand, sun…

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Limited edition Aloha Rilakkuma air freshener in Lemon, Peach & Sweet Olive