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Wuey, I'm Nicole, 19, from Germany & this is my little blog about all the things I love and want (and never will get, 'cause I live in the wrong country). But I hope you enjoy my page and feel free to ask me any question you want :)…

Chocolate of heart (by taitetsu)
Kit Kat 紅いも (Beni Imo) (Kyushu Limited Edition) 01 (by Fesapo)
white day sweets (by hanabi.)
Valentine Sweets (by ♥ Spice (^_^))
meiji green tea chocolate (by Please do not edit my photos)
Usagi Latte Maid ♥ Food (by cherrywavess)
LOVE berry (by tomoto☺)
Panda Dango (by tomoto☺)
by Tokyo MoE Style
Cute Panda Ice Cream
jam 2 (by K _ _ _ _)
Cute Hello Kitty Mug & Plate
by Tokyo Moe Style
Cute Kitty Donuts
by Tokyo MoE Style
Cute Kitty Donuts
(by +++ponyrock+++)