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Wuey, I'm Nicole, 19, from Germany & this is my little blog about all the things I love and want (and never will get, 'cause I live in the wrong country). But I hope you enjoy my page and feel free to ask me any question you want :)…

hello kitty calpico (by iheartkitty)
By Tokyo Moe Style
Cute Pikachu Burger 
hello kitty snacks (by iheartkitty)
Kawaii snacks packaging featuring some Japanese mascots! Pocky looks out of place among Pretz but whatever. So tempting to collect all 47 prefectures pretz snacks! Should be easier to “collect” compared to ご当地フォルムカード? XD Hyogo Prefecture’s Chicchai Ossan, (by SashimiGalore)
Usagi Latte Maid ♥ Food (by cherrywavess)
by Tokyo MoE Style
Cute Panda Ice Cream
by Tokyo Moe Style
Cute Kitty Donuts
by Tokyo MoE Style
Cute Kitty Donuts
by Tokyo Otaku Mode
Alpacasso Plushies - Rainbow
(by mizuk@)
プラム・シャワー (by mizuk@)
ふわふわピンク (by mizuk@)